One of the main challenges with having Randa work all weekend is trying to watch a live sporting event AND parent two kids, two demanding kids.  

Sydney is so demanding she woke me up from a deep sleep at 4:30 am today demanding a back tickle so she could fall back to sleep.  I told her I'm not giving her a back tickle at 4:30 in the morning, so then she countered by saying she won't go back to sleep.  

I dragged myself upstairs and gave her a back tickle.  I've been awake ever since.  

When the Seattle Seahawks were in their second straight Super Bowl a couple years ago against Tom Brady, I DVR'd the game and stayed away from all media until the kids went to sleep that night.  Then I watched the entire game in less than an hour, that was a pretty cool way to watch football but that definitely won't work for golf.  

So I've devised a scientific formula for keeping both of my kids busy during Sunday at the Masters

I've calculated it will take a little over four hours for the final round to be complete ​so these activities and the corresponding minutes spent should keep them entertained while I watch the Masters

It better not go into a playoff because I haven't thought that far ahead.  ​


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