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Amazon is Amazing for Our Everyday Lives and Small Business

It feels weird naming Amazon as one of the brands we love because the online shopping experience doesn't feel like a brand at all.  It feels more like a necessity.  

There's a reason its CEO hovers near the top of the richest men in the entire world list; Jeff Bezos has created a monster.  And boy oh boy do we love this furry, friendly monster!

I'm not sure what we would do without the convenience of Amazon.  We live about 30 minutes from a small town with rural shopping options and local businesses.  We love to shop local because supporting fellow entrepreneurs is what we're all about, but sometimes the only option to get what we need is online.

Amazon is part of our everyday lives.  Rarely does a week pass without a package delivery from our friendly UPS driver, especially since we've signed up for Amazon Prime and we can get our products delivered to our door in just two days for $99 per year.  With the amount of everyday purchases we rack up, its paid for itself quickly.  

Big brands have realized the benefit of providing their products for sale on the website that reaches millions, too.  I'd be curious to see the ratio of products sold on their own website versus their Amazon stores?  Next month we're bringing on a new member to our crate crew to handle all of the Amazon production because the ratio of Amazon purchases versus our own website is almost 2 to 1. 

Selling our rustic crates on Amazon has dramatically improved our small business bottom line.  If you're a business and you're able to offer your products on this amazing platform and you're not, you're definitely missing out.  

The first road block some sellers don't want to overcome with listing products on Amazon is the monthly selling fee of $39.99.  I get that, I struggled with that expense too because there are even more sellers fees on top of the monthly rate. But over time our sales on Amazon have managed to pay for the monthly fees and still generate us a profit.  

Customers definitely love Amazon Prime and free shipping!

I wonder if we'll be able to order with Amazon Prime Air where we live? When I first saw the link to package delivery by drone, I chuckled to myself and thought about how ridiculous it was.  Now my curiosity is piqued, it's a brilliant and innovative idea as long as it remains safe for everyone.  I think the nearest Amazon warehouse is about an hour and  a half away so I don't think we'll qualify, but who knows what Amazon has up their sleeve to encourage more clicks and purchases.  

Whatever it is, we'll try it!  


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