If I Could Speak I’d Tell You…

If I could speak I’d tell you
That everything’s okay.
I know you miss the conversations
We can’t have every day.

I’d want the world to know
That though this fight is long,
I will speak my story some day
Because I’m very strong.

Sometimes I wish that I could play
Instead of doing therapy,
But you know that going there
Is really what’s best for me.

I’d tell you all that I love pink
Even if it’s for “girls.”
I look up to my big sister
And her dresses, dolls, and curls.

I’d tell you that your monster voice
Makes me laugh every time.
Sister thinks the princesses are hers,
But they’re really mine.

I’d tell everyone to be patient
As I try with all my might.
I want to tell my mouth to speak,
But the words don’t come out right.

I’d tell them please don’t judge
And assume my parents are bad.
I understand each and every
One-sided discussion we’ve had.

I’d tell them that I’m super smart
And have a humorous side.
I’d tell them I speak sign language
Just my voice is trapped inside.

Don’t say my sister talks for me
Or that I’m just not ready
Apraxia keeps me quiet for now,
But I’ll fight it slow and steady.

Don’t think that something about me is wrong
That I am not okay.
I’m just the way I’m supposed to be
And changing every day.

I’d want to raise awareness
Of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
Every child deserves a voice,
A word, howl, song, or screech.

We’ll climb this mountain together
Walking hand in hand
And when we reach the very top,
I’ll yell something you’ll all understand.

Don’t give up on me ever.
I’ll be busting down the door.
I am a fighter and a champion
And you’re gonna hear me roar.