asheville drum circle

We Love The Asheville Drum Circle!

On Friday night the four of us went to the Asheville drum circle for the first time together.

asheville drum circle

The drum circle is where Randa and I went on our first date almost eight years ago to the day. A couple years ago we took Sydney with us and she loved it so we were looking forward to Trey being old enough to come with us and enjoy the drums and dancing too.​

We’d been planning for three weekends to get to the drum circle but other things got in the way.  The schedule was clear on Friday night so we packed the drums, tambourines and our best dancing shoes and headed to downtown Asheville where the drums could be heard in the distance already when we parked the van at 6:30 pm.

Both kids were excited to go although Trey didn’t know exactly what to expect, but that didn't stop him from practicing his dance moves all week. Sydney said she wasn’t going to practice her dance moves because she wanted to surprise us with her new special dances on Friday night.

When we arrived Pritchard Park was already busy with locals and tourists smiling and dancing to the rhythmic drum beats. We eagerly found a spot and got ready to join them.

asheville drum circle

But Trey wasn’t as excited anymore. I think he was overwhelmed with the drums and dancing and amount of people because he sat down and didn’t move, he just watched and shook his head when we asked him if he wanted to dance.

Meanwhile Sydney sat with her Mama and took in the situation too.  After a few minutes she got up and danced with Randa and felt comfortable pretty quickly. But not Trey, he wouldn't budge.  

No pressure, though. Dance when you’re ready.

I played the kids drums and Sydney finally got up the nerve to go dance on her own and we enjoyed her new dance moves! We looked over at Trey and the look of apprehension was slowly coming off his face as he watched his sister dancing like nobody was watching.

asheville drum circle

Then Trey looked up and me and said…’Daddy, I’m ready now.’

He got up and danced and danced and danced some more! He wouldn’t stop! He moved through the crowd of dancers waving his arms, kicking his legs and doing his favorite spin moves he had practiced all week. He was wearing a beautiful pink dress of course, cuz that’s how Trey rolls.​

asheville drum circle

The best part of the night happened when two dancers, a guy and a girl, got up and started dancing with Trey…they copied his moves and made him feel so special. It made us so happy to see them embracing Trey and all of his awesomeness. Thanks to those two dancers for making our night!

When we packed up our drums and tambourines, Randa and I commented to each other how we love Asheville so much.

And then later when I was laying Trey down for bed and we were talking about how much fun the drum circle was, he said…’Daddy, did you see me dancing with my new friends? They were copying all my dance moves!’​

Thanks, Asheville!​


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