be the check mark

Be The Check Mark

It's Thanksgiving morning, the year is 2017.  

I'm downstairs on the couch while Randa and the kids are still asleep, they got home pretty late last night after spending the day at the movies, out for supper and then the North Carolina Arboretum.  

Before I head down to the workshop to make some hay on the Christmas crate orders, I wanna make sure I write about the amazing thing Trey said the other day.  

We were laying in his bed together after reading books before bedtime and he said something that really touched me.  By now everyone knows Trey is very gender creative and likes to wear whatever he wants.  He's even growing his hair now too because he wants it to be long like a girl.  

As parents, we're letting him do whatever he wants to do because we think it's important our kids have the freedom to express themselves however they choose.  We know they'll be rude comments along the way but our job as supportive parents is to provide a soft landing spot after a hard day in the sometimes cruel world.  

As we were laying in bed, Trey sat up and said...

"Daddy, sometimes other people are mean to me and ask if I'm a boy or girl?"

"What do you tell them?"

"I tell them I'm a boy who just likes to wear girl outfits sometimes."

"And then are they nice to you?"

"Some are and some aren't.  The ones who are still mean to me get a red X and the nice ones get a handshake and a green check mark."

"You're amazing, Trey.  Always be the check mark." 

"I will."

I was pretty amazed our 4 yr old son would come up with something like that but I guess I shouldn't be surprised because Trey is a pretty amazing kid.  

I came downstairs and told Randa what he said and it brought tears to my eyes.  They were happy tears because Trey is amazing but they had some sadness too because no parent likes their child to be picked on, made fun of or bullied.  But I know Trey will experience even more of that as he gets older.  

So we're doing our best to embrace 'be the check mark' in our family. Every once in awhile Trey will look at me and I'll flash a check mark sign with my fingers and he'll do it back.  

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Always be the check mark.  


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