4th of july

The Best 4th of July We’ve Ever Had!

Happy 4th!

This is one of the best holidays in the United States, it's hard to go a couple of hours without someone saying Happy 4th to you...grocery store clerks, customer service reps on the phone and complete strangers usually finish off a conversation with a ​customary Happy 4th during this long weekend of celebration.  

The best 4th of July our family has had so far was last year at our rented Outer Banks Beach House.  

The locals were planning to shoot fireworks from the pier so we were looking forward to hopefully seeing the show from the beach right in front of our house.  All week leading up to the 4th we were wondering if we would be able to see the fireworks because our house was at the end of the beach and the pier was quite a ways down barely in sight.  

We asked the Captain of the deep sea fishing expedition we went on if he thought we'd be able to see the fireworks from our house or should we take the kids and brave the crowds at the pier?  He wasn't sure what we should do either.  

We finally decided to take our chances and try to watch the show from the beach so we grabbed a blanket and found a spot on the dark and windy beach.    

4th of July

There were other families already on the beach and people started coming out onto their porches to see the show as the hour neared.  

​When 10 pm hit, we were disappointed because we could barely see the tiny explosions from way down at the other end of the beach. Darn, we should have watched from the pier instead!  We briefly considered putting the kids in the car and quickly driving down the pier to see at least some of the show but ultimately decided against it.   

The kids were wondering where the fireworks were?  We explained to them it didn't look like we'd be able to see them from where we were​.  They were upset and so were we, so we packed up the blanket and started walking back to the house.  

Then when we were almost inside there was a giant BOOM!​

4th of July

And another...BOOM!

4th of July

Woohoo!  This is awesome!  We put the blanket down and watched in amazement as the bright fireworks seemed like they were right above our heads!  The kids loved it, we loved it, everyone on the beach and on their porches loved it!  We all oooohed and ahhhed after every explosion! 

4th of July

4th of July

Sydney asked for the camera so she could take some shots too!

4th of July

4th of July

But the best part of the celebration happened when the fireworks were over.  The families on the beach and the porches spontaneously started singing the Star Spangled Banner.  Wow.  

That 4th of July was so spectacular we've already put in our reservations for the same house and the same week next year.  

Happy 4th everyone!​


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