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My Bucket List – Time To Start Checking The Boxes

I often find myself saying, 'I'd love to do that!'

So I thought it was about time to create a bucket list and write down all the things I'd love to do before all is said and done.  When I think about all my bucket list items, most of them are sports and travel related for now.   

There are other things I'd love to do or see happen in my lifetime, like see the kids graduate school or see them get married, but it doesn't seem fair to put those things on my list because who knows if those things are even in the cards?  I really just want them to be happy doing whatever they choose.  

So here are my bucket list items.  The ones at the top of the lists are the ones most likely to happen sooner rather than later.   

Sports Bucket List​

Canucks versus Canes​

I want to take the kids to see the Vancouver Canucks (Sydney calls them the BlueFishes) play the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh.  At these stages of their lives I'd probably enjoy it more than they would but that's OK.  I'm considering going on a Daddy/Daughter trip this winter to see a game when Sydney will be 6 years old.  I've promised her lots and lots of popcorn, she seems interested...mostly in the popcorn, not the hockey.  We'll see.  


I'd love to go to the Masters golf tournament.  Every year I consider buying practice round tickets but I can't justify spending the hundreds of dollars for just one day.  We live only a few hours away from Augusta so one of these years I'm going to splurge and spend the dough.  Might even be next spring.  Oh, and to make it even better I'd love if my Dad came with me.  

Boston Red Sox Spring Training​
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jetBlue Park at Fenway South

Boston Red Sox Spring Training in Florida.  I'd love to spend three or four days in Florida with the family watching the Red Sox prepare for the season.  We could turn it into a week long vacation of fun at the beach, golf courses and baseball.  Sounds like a dream vacation to me...but maybe not so much for the wife and kids.  

Premier League Soccer Game

NBC Sports shows Premier Leagues games on the weekends and I usually always have them on in the background.  This past year I watched a bit more closely so I could form allegiance to a city but I haven't narrowed it down to just one team yet.  So far I like the Tottenham Hotspurs because I love their colors and logo and Everton because I love their style of play.  When we take the kids to Europe one day I'll be sure to catch a game...Old Trafford would be cool.  

Travel​ Bucket List 

Take The Kids to Disney World

This trip is definitely happening soon, probably in the next two years or so. Think happy Mama and Daddy and super excited kids.  Think Dollywood times 10!


We're all going back to Canada to see where Daddy grew up.  One of these years we'll walk the Vancouver Seawall together and have a picnic in Stanley Park.  Then maybe we'll get on the ferry to Victoria and check out the beaches at Tofino the same way Randa and I did six or seven years ago.   

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randa strollin' the beach at nantucket

East Coast Trip

New York, Boston, Nantucket, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.. We've talked about taking this trip together ever since I became a U.S. citizen.  We can't wait to get a first hand look at U.S. history and some of its great monuments.  And I look forward to taking the kids to one of the best beaches I've ever been to on Nantucket Island.    


Living on the East Coast makes it so much easier to fly across the pond to Europe. When the kids are much older I'd love to take a family vacation to Europe, buy a Eurail Pass and travel by train to different countries.  Ideally this would also be when I catch a Premier League Soccer game and play the Old Course in Scotland.  I'm thinking this can happen when the kids are in high-school as a grand summer vacation!  Pasta and wine in Italy, beaches in Greece, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, tapas in Spain.  This needs to happen!

Intracoastal Waterway

cruisin' down the intracoastal waterway

When we're retired I'd love to travel the Intracoastal Waterway.  Last year my Dad and I played a golf course in Myrtle Beach right beside the Intracoastal and we saw boats slowly cruising down the inlet.  I decided right then and there I'm going to do that one day.  Hopefully the kids will want to come with us in 15 or 20 years, I can imagine a relaxing trip sleeping on the boat and visiting different ports along the way.  

Bucket List Golf Courses 

These are the four golf courses I'd still love to play.  Our trip to Europe sounds awesome because I might be able to kill three birds with one stone...traveling to different European countries by train, going to a soccer game in England and playing the Old Course in Scotland.  Sign me up!

If I get to play these four remaining courses, I might just stop playing golf and start a new hobby (unless the kids take up the game and want me to join them).  ​

bucket list

Pinehurst No. 2

bucket list

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island

Pebble Beach Golf Links

bucket list

Old Course at St Andrews

Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while..you could miss it - Ferris Bueller​

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