The Coolibar Catalog Came In The Mail!

One of the greatest things about living in North Carolina is how close we are to the beaches.  

Pack the car, load the kids and within a day we can be to the beautiful Outer Banks for a week of fun in the sun with our family.  

Randa has been going to the Outer Banks for as long as she can remember, one of her favorite places to go as a kid was always Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke is a family friendly village with lots to do for the cream shops, bookstores and cool family owned shops to pop in and out while strolling the village. She likes to tell me about the times she would ride her bike around the village with her friends and cousins when they were kids. 


I got excited about our annual beach trip again last night because our Coolibar catalog came in the mail!

The Coolibar catalog is almost like a rite of passage for Spring and Summer at our house.  

We've been wearing Coolibar protective sun clothing to the beach every year since the kids were born. Not only do we wear it at the beach, but when we're playing outside in the backyard the kids always have it on because we're always protective of them when they're out in the sun.

Coolibar is comfy, lightweight, stylish and offers UPF 50+ sun protection.  The sun protection is obviously great but my favorite part is how they look and how comfy they are.  

Last year for my birthday we did things a little bit differently because Randa said I could pick out anything I wanted.  Score!

I needed some new golf shorts so I bought Coolibar Sport Shorts and I love them!  I wear them on the golf course and to lounge around the house.  So comfortable!

Speaking of golf, another one of our favorite places to vacation on the Outer Banks is Emerald Isle.  

We've been staying at Emerald Isle for the past couple of years because the kids are young and still needs naps, so renting a house right on the beach makes it easy to get back inside when sleepy time hits for the kids ​ Daddy. 


And it's got a ​golf course nearby.  I always debate whether or not to bring my golf clubs to the Outer Banks but I usually end up bringing them because I enjoy playing different courses when I can. 


Sydney keeps asking how many days until we go to the beach again?  Last night while looking through the Coolibar catalog we told her it's two months away but the days will go quickly.  

Then she asked how many days is two months?  About 60 days, sweetie.  

UGH...that's forever!!!​


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