Dear Canada, Sidney Crosby, golden goal

Dear Canada, Letter #1 (Greetings)

Dear Canada,

Hi, long time no talk!  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write.  The last eight years have been super busy.  

I miss you.  I really do.  I think about you lots, especially when I compare where I am to where I used to be.  I guess I should tell you where I've been for the last eight years. 

I'm in the USA.  North Carolina, to be exact.  I moved here in 2010, right in the middle of the Vancouver Winter Olympics...I was actually down here in the Tar Heel State when Sidney Crosby scored the Golden Goal to beat the Americans.  Woohoo!  My new mother-in-law and I were watching the game on her computer while my new wife was at work.  

Oh ya, I guess you didn't know I got married either.  It's true, can you believe it!?! I met the girl of my dreams and moved to North Carolina to be with her.  So much has happened I don't even know where to begin!

We've got two kids now, a girl and a boy.  Sydney (cool name, eh?) is seven and her younger brother Trey is five.  They're awesome.  I'll send you pics.  Do you have facebook?  My wife posts tons of pics of the kids 🙂  

I feel like I could write forever.  You won't believe the stuff I have to tell you and the things I've seen down here.  It's so different!  

I'm so happy I finally got around to writing you, it feels good talking to you again. I promise to write more ok?  

Your friend,



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