Dear Canada, Hockey Night in Canada, Peter Puck

Dear Canada, Letter #11 (Hockey Night)

Dear Canada,

It's Saturday night, which means it's hockey night even down here in North Carolina.  Woot!

One of the ways I hold onto my Canadian roots is to watch the NHL Network because they show Hockey Night in Canada, or Hockey Night, or whatever the heck Rogers Sportsnet is calling the iconic Saturday night show now.  

I used to purchase NHL Gamecenter to watch all the Vancouver Canucks games but with the time change and my young family I'm just not able to stay up to watch games anymore (and I'm nearly 50 so it's a momentous occasion if I'm actually awake at 10 pm).  Now I rely purely on Hockey Night for my hockey fix.  

Which makes me wonder something?  Now Canada, you're a big country, you've got some swag going on and people seem to respect you.  

So why did you sit idly by while the original Hockey Night in Canada theme song bounced from CBC to TSN to wherever it sits now?  I'm not sure what happened with that whole fiasco, best I can remember is the CBC and the woman who wrote the song were unable to come to an agreement on licensing terms so TSN bought it for their broadcasts. 

TSN used the song for a little while, which was weird to hear on another network but at least we were hearing it.  Now they don't have the rights to hockey anymore so that historic song is sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.  

Such a shame don't you think?

Can't you tell TSN to give it back to Sportsnet so the iconic song can be back where it belongs?  Can you buy it from TSN and then sell it to Sportsnet?  Do you need money?  Are you low on cash?  Cuz if you do, I can send some with this letter...we're good friends, I know you'll pay me back.  

I used to run downstairs whenever I heard that classic song.  And then I'd watch Peter Puck during the first intermission while warming my feet in front of the fire.  Gosh, I miss Saturday nights and the original Hockey Night in Canada.  

Isn't there something you can do to get that song back?  Please, I'm serious about this.  

Your friend,



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