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Dear Canada, Letter #2 (Gord)

Dear Canada,

I was so sorry to hear about Gord.  I know he meant a lot to you, I can't believe he's gone either.  

It was heart-wrenching to hear about his terminal cancer diagnosis and to watch the press conference held by his doctor from Sunnybrook Hospital a couple years ago.  I watched it online down here in North Carolina.  

But even though Gord Downie is gone and The Tragically Hip lost their front-man, the next few months after we learned of the diagnosis were magical weren't they?  Music lovers really rallied around the band and reminisced about how much their music meant to them and you.  

I rediscovered old Hip albums and songs that defined my college years...I played their songs all the time and posted YouTube clips on my facebook page so my new American friends would understand why we were all so upset and why Gord and The Hip meant so much to us and you. 

I saw The Hip play live a handful of times and even got to see Gord up close when my friends and I travelled to Seattle to watch them play in a small club. Looking back on it, the band was probably trying to break through into the USA but most of the crowd were Canadians who made the trek across the border.  

After the show, my friend who was working for our college newspaper ran up to Gord as he climbed the steps to the bus and asked him why he acts so wild on stage?  

He turned and said...'It's the power of the music, baby!'

If you had anything to do with the CBC broadcasting their final show from Kingston on August 20, 2016 I'd like to thank-you because I was able to stream the show and watch it from my kitchen in Carolina.  I had my facebook page open while watching so I could chat with my friends back home.  

Their songs and lyrics will forever be part of your fabric.  I'm grateful I had The Hip experience while growing up, and I'm grateful you were so much of their inspiration.  

Your friend,



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