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Dear Canada, Letter #3 (Party)

Dear Canada,

I've been wondering something the last few days, it's a bit of a sensitive topic. Please know I'm not trying to be mean or offensive when I write this, I'm just trying to figure out what happened during the first 40 years of my life while I lived with you.  It helps to put my thoughts on paper.  

Here's my question:  I'm not mad about it or anything but I need to know if you were purposely trying to make me apathetic when it came to Canadian politics? I'm being serious.  

Because I don't remember having ANY in-depth political conversations with my friends or family while I lived in Canada.  I don't remember sitting in the cafeteria at my various jobs discussing the latest Canadian political developments, and I certainly don't remember channel-flipping on TV between news agencies with political agendas.  

I remember my Dad watching the evening news, but I don't remember seeing constant bickering and hostility from one Canadian to another.  Maybe I wasn't paying good enough attention but you'd think something political would stand out from my time in Canada wouldn't you?  All I can think of now is the referendum in 1995 when there was a vote about whether Quebec should have its own country.  

This is gonna sound embarrassing, and maybe reflects more on me than it does on you, but there were times in my life when I couldn't tell you which party your current Prime Minister represented.  Isn't that crazy?

So I ask you again...did you purposely make Canadian politics boring?  

Maybe I just wasn't political while I lived with you.  Maybe I didn't care?  Maybe I had no reason to care?  Maybe I just liked living my life without being labeled as a liberal or conservative?  I definitely couldn't tell you how any of my Canadian friends voted in the latest election.  Nobody made a big deal about it.  

I had a conversation with an elected official yesterday here in the USA and when he found out I was from Canada, he asked me what I missed the most about you?  His question kind of stumped me, which was kinda weird especially since I've got a blog writing about the things I miss the most.  I guess I could have answered health care, gun control or the way you take care of your citizens but my answer was completely different.

I told him I missed how you encouraged people to 'live and let live.'  

I sincerely wanna thank you for that.   

Your friend,



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