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Dear Canada, Letter #5 (Care)

Dear Canada,

I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy.  

Overall I'm feeling the same but I did have a few unhappy days last week.  A fireman in our local community passed away after battling cancer, it was especially sad because the cancer took him quickly and left behind a loving wife and four young kids.  

Now his friends and family are trying to raise money through donations to help pay for the hospital bills that still remain.  It's a very sad situation.  

I've lived in North Carolina for eight years now, and looking back I can think of numerous fund-raising drives for local residents who've passed away or who face insurmountable hospital charges because of illness.  The American people really do come together in times of need, it's one of their best traits.  

But I do wish they would use their natural ability to come together as a people to insist change in the way their healthcare is administered.  When President Obama was in office I was confident there would be meaningful change but even with full control of the government the change he tried to implement wasn't close to enough. 

Ultimately I'd like to see the fund-raising drives for local residents be a thing of the past, but I'm not sure I'll see an overhauled American healthcare system in my lifetime.  

Anyways, I don't want to spend my time complaining about the ways things are for us down here, I'd rather put the focus on you because you deserve the recognition.  

Next month my Dad is coming for a visit from your beautiful province of British Columbia.  He's retired now and plays golf almost every day, but there was a time about 10 years ago when that wasn't the case.  His legs were weakening and his back was sore all the time, he could barely stand after sitting for lengths of time. He refused to have any sort of back surgery but one of his doctor's did recommend having his knees replaced.  He always thought his pain and suffering was because of back pain, nobody had ever mentioned his knees might be the cause.

He decided to get them replaced and now he walks like a teenager again.  He's so happy!  We'll enjoy golfing together next month and maybe even take a trip to Augusta to see a day of the Masters where we'll walk the beautiful course together. I'm convinced his health and happiness has added years to his life, and for that I'm grateful.  

I'm also grateful to you because you helped make it possible.  I'm enormously grateful for the way you and your provinces care for your citizens, the way you ensure their health and happiness is taken care of, and the way you don't send burdensome hospital bills for routine checkups or knee replacement surgeries.

What you do for your people is so amazing!  You probably read the news, so I'm sure you know you're always near the top of the list when it comes to most favorable places to live, and in my opinion one of the main reasons is because of the way you care.  

But there are so many other people I'm grateful towards.  I'm grateful for all of my other fellow Canadians who have a small part of their hard-earned paychecks deducted to help pay for your outstanding healthcare.  It's the most affordable type of healthcare insurance I can think of, so I would just like to say a very heartfelt thank-you to all of them for helping my Dad walk again and for helping to ensure their friends, family and neighbors will never have to resort to fund-raising drives to help pay overwhelming hospital bills. 

Canada, thanks for caring.  

Your friend,



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