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Dear Canada, Letter #8 (CanaDaD)

Dear Canada,

My Dad has been visiting us in North Carolina for a week or so.  He's from Vancouver and he's leaving today to return back to you.  

It was a good visit.  I brought home different craft beers for him to try and we sat at the kitchen table and just talked about stuff.  Most of the time we talked about you and the changes you're going through.  He said I wouldn't recognize you anymore, especially all of the new construction and traffic.  Traffic was already bad in Vancouver when I left in 2010 so I'd hate to see it now. 

We talked about hockey and golf, family and friends, Trump and Trudeau.  We even talked about the time he got thrown in jail for the night 60 yrs ago when he took the blame for having a case of beer in the truck so his friends who were entering the NHL draft in a week or so wouldn't have their careers ruined before they even started.  That's pretty cool.  

My wife asked me if it was nice having him around?

Yes it was.  It was more than nice. 

It felt comfortable having him down here because sometimes I feel isolated and alone.  Sometimes I wish he could stay longer so we could get past the conversations and just have him be part of my everyday life.  We could get up in the morning and have coffee together everyday and be friends.  

I hate to say this Canada, but I didn't miss you the first few years I was here.  I'm not trying to sound mean but I was so caught up in moving to a new country, getting married, having kids, getting a job, building a house and just getting established.  My life was pretty hectic.  

My new American family and friends would sometimes ask me if I miss you and I'd reflect for a moment and then say no.  But I sure miss you now. 

My life has settled down, I'm approaching 50 and the kids are both in school.  I'm at a place in my life where I feel comfortable with my decisions and with what I'm doing.  I feel more strong and secure.  I guess I just feel all grown up for the first time in my life, and it's during these times when I'm able to reflect a bit more and understand what's happened in the past decade or so.  

My kids talk about you more and more.  Our daughter Sydney says she wants to live with you one day.  I'm all for it.  I'm so glad you're part of our kids lives, it means so much to me they'll always know who you are and what you meant to me.  

Being down here this long hasn't made missing you any easier, actually it's getting harder and harder.   

Everytime you leave I cry.  

I miss you Dad.  


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