disney on ice

Our Kids Forgot To Blink At Disney On Ice Tonight!

Tonight we took the kids to Disney On Ice presents Let's Celebrate and they had a blast!  We had a blast, too!  Disney on Ice never fails to impress.  

disney on ice

The kids wore their favorite Queen and Princess dresses and both of them were completely awe-struck at the beginning of the show when all their favorite Disney characters were skating on the ice right in front of them!  

On the drive home, Randa said the beginnings always make her feel like crying happy tears.  

The best part as parents is looking over at your kids and seeing the magic in their eyes, knowing at that moment they're so happy they forget to blink!

We barely made it to the show on time after sitting in a long line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. When we realized the unused right lane led to the same parking area, we bolted out and found a parking spot​ in minutes.  


We gathered up the kids and camera, raced to the entrance and heard the 3 minute warning until the beginning of the show just as we were sitting down.  

Randa and I hi-fived...good job Mama and Daddy!

disney on ice

We've been waiting to go to this show for weeks, it's been on our list of things to look forward to and the kids even started counting down the days as the show approached.

And it definitely didn't disappoint!  

We saw Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and there was even a brief appearance by Peter Pan! That was pretty cool.  

Baloo and Mowgli were there, Lilo and Stitch and Jasmin and Aladdin, too!  And Tinker Bell was fluttering around like she always does.  

We even saw some Disney villains when Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and Captain Hook showed up unexpectedly during the Halloween scene (boooooo!)

We had an awesome time, as soon as the show was over Sydney looked up and asked can we go again tomorrow night!?!​

On the drive home we all talked about what our favorite parts of the show were...

Trey said Mowgli!

disney on ice

Sydney said Mickey Mouse!

disney on ice

​Mama said Tiana!

disney on ice

And I said the brooms!

disney on ice

Thanks to Disney On Ice and YoKids for making another memorable evening for our family!


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