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The Time Disney World Taught Me a BIG Lesson

We've been back from our Disney World vacation for a few days so I feel ready to do a blog post about our trip.  I wanted to wait a few days to decompress and look back on our journey before writing about it.  

Before I tell you the lesson I learned, lemme quickly tell you about Disney...

Disney World is a stressful place as a parent with young kids.  The stress begins way before you even arrive to the Magic Kingdom, it begins with trying to plan your days with fast passes and timed lunches with princesses and coordinating every single thing down to the minute. Lucky for me, Randa did all the planning and coordinating (she did an awesome job by the way). 

Then when you finally do arrive to your resort, it's like hopping onto a perpetual conveyor belt that doesn't stop for anyone.  You either jump on or you don't.  And if you don't, your plans for the day are pretty much shot.  

And at the end of your trip, you hop off the conveyor belt and it doesn't even feel like Disney knew you were there because it's already busy taking care of the next family, and the next and the next....it never ends.  

The crowds are insane, the lineups are everywhere and you better be prepared to wait for everything.  I can't imagine doing any of the Disney parks without fast passes, some of the wait times for rides were hours long!  And the food choices are restaurants and resorts are limited to maximize efficiency, pretty much EVERYTHING at Disney World is done to maximize efficiency.  

Every day we jumped on a bus at 7:30ish in the morning with kids and stroller in tow, then got off the bus, waited in the bag check line, then the park entry line, then the lines for all the rides, then the lines for lunch, lines for restrooms, lines for snacks and lines to meet princesses.  Lines were EVERYWHERE!  We stayed til the end of the day to watch the fireworks and got back to the hotel room just in time to go to bed so we could do it all over again in the morning.  

Sounds awful, right?  

It wasn't.  

I got to spend nine uninterrupted days with my family without having to leave them in the morning to work or have them go to school.  We woke up, got ready and spent the ENTIRE day together...that just doesn't happen often enough in my life.  I wish it did.  

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Last night I was in bed and I shed a few tears because I already missed spending those endless days with my wife and kids.  During the days at Disney I was stressed out, I felt like a fish swimming upstream when I was navigating the kids and stroller through the crowds.  I was exhausted by late afternoon, hustling from fast pass to fast pass, and I slept awful at night because I missed my bed.  

But I would do it all over again tomorrow because Disney taught me to make the best of every moment I have with my family.  

Sydney and Trey were SO HAPPY!  I don't remember them complaining once about wait times or buses or crowds, they were just so into the rides, meeting the princesses and seeing the shows.  I smile to myself when I think about Trey talking about Avatar for the rest of the day after going on the Na'Vi ride, he said he wanted to grow up to be an Avatar.  

Or Sydney crying and being overtired one night at supper but being cheered up by Eeyore...


Too many times at Disney I was focused on the quickest way to get out of the park or where to watch the fireworks without having to be in crowds or how to eat quickly so we can get back to the rides.  Take my advice...don't do that.  

Do your best to make the best of every moment you have with your family.  Don't try to fight the crowds or else you'll just end up fighting with yourself and maybe even others.  Go with the flow.  Be with your kids, be with your significant other, be with your family and cherish your trip at Disney World.  Who knows when you'll be this way again? 

Like the statue says...

"We believe in our idea:  a family park where parents and children could have fun - together

Make the best of every moment you have with your family.  

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