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The Time Trey Wore a Dress For Picture Day (and looked wonderful)

Every year we take the kids to the mall to get their pictures made, and every year Randa and I usually spend an entire evening debating outfits with the kids. We like their outfits to match without being too matchy-matchy and we don’t like them to be too dressy-uppy either.

But this year was a little bit different.  

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We didn’t spend an entire evening going back and forth holding up outfits or laying them against each other on the bed, this time the decision was made in five minutes flat.

Sydney chose her blue and white stripes with polka dots and a red tutu and Trey chose blue dinosaur shorts and a shirt with blue stars. Decision made in record time!

But then Randa had an interesting thought…Trey likes to wear dresses so much maybe we should offer him the chance to wear a dress for pictures too? We’ve got a million pictures of him wearing dresses and skirts on Facebook but giving him the choice to wear one for the ‘official’ yearly pictures that will hang on the wall was a first. She said these are important times and we should give Trey the opportunity to express exactly who he is and what he likes wear at this exact time in his life because we're sure not sure where he's headed.  

gender creative

I totally agreed with her so we gave the kids a choice of second outfits and they were both so excited to choose their pretty Easter dresses from the weekend before!

The pictures with the first outfits turned out OK I guess, but when we did a wardrobe change into the pretty dresses the real smiles came shining through, especially from Trey!

Our goal as parents with both kids is to encourage them to do whatever makes them happy and be whatever they wanna be.  And if that means wearing a dress or wanting to be called a girl, we totally support however our kids want to express themselves.  

This year on picture day both of our kids were frilly and sparkly and they both looked wonderful.  


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