find your gift

Find Your Gift

Dear Sydney and Trey,

You gotta find your gifts.  They're out there somewhere, you just gotta find them. 

I'm not talking about presents under the tree or from the Easter Bunny, I'm talking about the gifts that are sitting inside you right now ready to be discovered. 

Trust me, you've got gifts.  We all do.  Some of us find them and don't do anything with them because we're afraid or don't know how to use them.  Some people have a whole bunch of gifts!  But one thing I can guarantee is we all have at least one gift waiting to be found. 

Sometimes the gifts inside you are hidden and take a long time to find.  But don't worry because you'll find them eventually by practicing and trying different things. Please don't be afraid to try a whole bunch of different things, not just stuff your friends are doing.  I know that part is really hard because it's easy and comfortable to do things everyone else is doing, but your gifts might be out there in places that seem daring and bold.  It's very cool to be daring and bold!

As your parents, it seems like our roles are constantly evolving.  We started off trying to keep you healthy and safe and as you get older we're also helping you find your gifts by giving you opportunities to do things you love.  Because when you do things you love you're one step closer to finding them.  

So keep trying and keep searching.  Your gifts are out there, you'll definitely know when you've found them.  And so will we.  


Mama & Daddy. 


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