Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do

Over the past few weeks I've been noticing Sydney questioning the roles girls and boys play in society.  

One night we were watching astronauts in the space station on YouTube and Sydney asked if girls can be astronauts too?  So we did a quick search and watched girls floating in the International Space Station.  ​

Then the other day we were watching the Olympic Swimming Trials on TV and Sydney asked if girls can swim like boys?  So we kept on watching and saw the girls race too.  

And this past weekend the boys were jumping in the lake so Sydney asked me if girls can dive like boys?

I told her girls can do whatever boys can do.  So she held her nose and started diving underwater.  

One of my favorite sportswriters, Bill Simmons, has kids a little older than Sydney and Trey and he said he's quickly become a feminist while raising his daughter.  He's publicly criticized the soccer association his daughter plays for because the boys always play on the best fields and the girls get the crummy fields.  Thanks for the inspiration, Bill...I think I'll be the same type of Dad if it ever comes down to it.  

It's nothing but the best for our girls, and girls everywhere.  

​Sydney, I want you to know that when I say girls can do whatever boys can do I mean it...I never want you to feel like there's something you can't do because you're a girl.  All you have to do is look around at your own family and see the nurses, teachers, attorney's, accountants, photographers, directors, snowboard champions, EMT's and business owners...ALL GIRLS!

And you don't have to look very far to see one of the best role models you could ever have...your Mama is a leader in her field and has great respect from her colleagues​. Learn from her.  

I love how brave you are, how you try new things and how you get frustrated if you fail at something the first time...the important part is to never give up and keep practicing until you turn those failures into successes.  You're my favorite girl in the whole world.  

This past week I've been watching with interest as the satellite ​Juno approached Jupiter after a five year journey hurtling through space at incredible speeds.  Juno finally arrived on July 4th, and scientists here on earth cheered as the satellite successfully started orbiting the biggest planet in our solar system.  

The coolest thing is two of the five leading team members of the Juno mission are girls, and the scientist assigned to answer public questions about the journey on Twitter is a girl too.  

Sydney...I hope you notice these things because girls can do anything boys can do!


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