Myrtle Beach

The Time We Went to Myrtle Beach for Grandpa Jack’s 80th B’day

grandpa jack, myrtle beach

We just got back from a week at Myrtle Beach where we celebrated Grandpa Jack's 80th birthday!  

This trip to Myrtle was the best one yet because Sarah and Derek came down from Whistler and we all got to hang out together for the first time since I moved to North Carolina six years ago. It sure was great to see them!

Bubby and Pop were there and so were Grandmama and Grandy, there were 11 of us at the supper table!

Sydney birds, myrtle beach

My Dad and I got to play plenty of early morning golf together, that was awesome​ but our trips to Myrtle are about more than just the golf, they're about doing lots of fun things together as a family...walks on the boardwalk, swimming in the pools, playing on the beach, riding the Skywheel, going to trampoline parks and hanging out in the hotel room just talking.  

Grandpa Jack and Frankie especially had a great time talking together, it's easy to see their friendship and how great they get along.  

​Thanks for an awesome week everyone!

myrtle beach

The rest of this post will be from Sydney and Trey...

Sydney said her favorite things to do at Myrtle Beach this year were to feed the birds crackers with Pop.  She said when she was feeding them the birds came closer and closer to her feet!  ​

Sydney said her other favorite thing to do was play in the pools at night.  

Trey said his favorite thing to do this year was going in the lazy river and chasing after Sydney.  

Trey's other favorite thing was getting in the hot tub outside so he could get warm in there!​

Both kids said they liked to go to the trampoline park with Mama and jumping into the foam pit and doing all the obstacles.  

And Sydney said she liked helping Mama be brave because she didn't think she could make it all the way across but Sydney helped her.  

​I'm especially proud of Sydney because she completed all of the homework assigned to her while she missed school, and she did an awesome job in the pool without her water wings!

And Grandpa Jack said the difference in Trey from last year to this year is remarkable, his speech is incredible and he's just such a happy boy.  Great job,  Trey!

We love our trips to Myrtle, we're already looking forward to next year!


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