Here’s why Grandparents are Awesome

Grandpa Esko passed away a couple weeks ago so it's made me look back at some of my memories of him and my Grandma Norma.  

My childhood had a seismic shift when Grandma passed away because things I was used to would never be the same.  I guess that happens for everyone when someone we love leaves us.  Maybe more so when we're young because we tend to unknowingly rely on our elders to help shape our lives and happiness?  

I still miss her and those weeks during the summer we spent in Powell River.  Visiting their house on the edge of the forest and down the street from the lake was the best summer camp ever!  The really fun days were when my aunts and uncles and cousins and their dog Winston would all go on long walks through the forest and then come home to leftover pancakes from the morning.  And then every evening we'd take a sauna before bed.  

Some days we'd go to the grocery store and I'd sit on grandma's lap in the truck and she would rock me and whisper in my ear, 'You're my number one grandson.'  

Those were special words to me because I was their first grandchild and I wore that badge with honor.  Part of me also hoped she liked me the best out of ALL the grandchildren.  When she told me I was number one, it felt like our little secret and made me feel so good inside.  I guess that was love I was feeling.  

Every time I saw Grandma and Grandpa I would get the same hug and secret whisper in my ear, 'How's Yoshua, my number one grandson.' 

When Grandma got sick and my Mom came home from a long visit to Powell River, I knew she would come home with sad news.  She brought me into the living room and told me Grandma went to heaven and then we hugged tight and cried for what seemed like hours.  

Days later after my Grandma's funeral, me and my cousins Neil and Jason walked through the forest together and we talked about our memories of Grandma.  It was a pretty cool thing we did together, we were all really young but it sure was a grown up thing for us to do. 

For some reason, I felt like now would be an OK time to reveal the secret whispers I shared with Grandma.  So I told Neil and Jason that Grandma used to hug me and call me her number one grandson.  

And Neil replied with a sort of shock...'What?  She used to say that to me!'

And then Jason said...'Hey, she said that to me too!'

At the time, I don't think we knew whether to be mad or sad that she whispered the same thing to all of us.  We all kinda walked in silence and thought about what we had just discovered.  

It didn't take long to realize how cool it was that we all had the same secret and we shared the same love from her.  It was pretty amazing none of us revealed our secret before then and even more amazing was how special she made each of us feel.   

This is why grandparents are awesome.  


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