The Time Daddy Took An Indefinite Leave From Golf

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Today Daddy announced he will be taking an indefinite leave from the game of golf. The back pain he experiences after swinging a club is just too much.  Although he hasn't played a round of golf since Myrtle Beach in 2015, spring usually means it's time to get ready for the recreational golf season.  

Daddy has been swinging a golf club in the backyard, chipping balls while the kids play in the sandbox and practicing his golf swing in the house whenever he sees a mirror.  

Unfortunately, the pain in his lower back is now radiating down his right leg so Daddy has made the decision to stop chipping balls in the backyard and he'll also try to resist the urge to practice his golf swing in every mirror in the house.   

"I'm sad about it.  One of my favorite things to do is practice my wedge shots in the backyard but the pain I feel the next day is just too much to handle, it's starting to affect my daily life.  Part of the reason why our living room is so messy is because I can't bend down to pick up the kids toys...I need to stop golfing so I can help clean up."

Daddy was optimistic when he was asked if he'll ever golf again.   

"My Dad comes down for a visit every fall and we go to Myrtle Beach and play everyday.  My goal is to be ready for that trip in five months...I need to strengthen my lower back and maybe lose a few pounds, but that might be hard because I've just discovered sweet tea and Krispy Kreme donuts."  

Josh has been golfing since he was a little boy, the highlights of his golfing career include a hole-in-one ​when he was 13 yrs-old at Ledgeview Golf & Country Club and he even won the Junior Low Net Championship at Ledgeview the following year when he was 14. 

His low rounds include a 66 at Fraserview Golf Course in Vancouver and a 69 at Avalon Golf Links in Washington.  For the past few golf seasons he's been playing once a month and practicing at the range once a week.  

"One of my favorite things to do is call out at work and golf all day at a course in Tennessee.  I usually play 36 holes on those days, sometimes 54 but I need to think about my long-term future and take a break.  It's time for a new hobby I guess."  

Last week Daddy was seen planting herbs in mason jars for the window sill in his kitchen.  


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