Last Week I Loved Sports, This Week I Hate Them

Last week I loved sports after watching Kris Jenkins hit the buzzer beater to lift Villanova over North Carolina in the National Championship.  

We're a Tar Heels family but it was hard not to be proud of Jenkins for hitting that ​shot in such a clutch moment, even Michael Jordan was nodding his head in approval.  

It's easy to appreciate what Jenkins did because Villanova BEAT the Tar Heels, they won the Championship in epic fashion.  North Carolina didn't collapse or make crucial mistakes to throw the title game away, they lost in one of the best finishes in college basketball history.  

But now it's Monday morning a week later and I'm depressed at the way the Masters played out yesterday when Jordan Spieth lost a 5 shot lead on the back nine in a matter of minutes.    

There's nothing worse than watching an athlete falter down the stretch and basically hand the title to one of his competitors but that's exactly what Spieth did.  


Props to Danny Willett for shooting a bogey free 67 in the final round but if Jordan finished just even par on the back nine we wouldn't even be talking about Willett​ and Spieth would have won his second Green Jacket in a row.  

But it wasn't meant to be.  ​

​I can't even watch this video without feeling sadness.  What do you say to your kids when something like this happens? I was doing dishes last night wondering what I would say or do if one of our kids went through a crushing defeat like Jordan did.  

All I could think of would be to give them a big hug.  ​

I hate sports this week.  ​


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