Labor Day Kneeboarding at Boone Lake

We spent the Labor Day holiday with the family at Boone Lake in Tennessee.  

The water levels were still really low because of the dam repairs but that didn't stop us from having a great time together.  We also celebrated Hayden's 11th birthday...I can't believe he's 11 already!  When I moved to North Carolina he was Sydney's age, time flies!

When we got the lake Pop was already cooking stacks of hot dogs and burgers on the grill .  The kids were excited to get into the water, they've been looking forward to getting back to the lake since the last time we were there on the July 4th weekend, so we all got our fill of dogs and burgers, had some yummy birthday cheesecake and then headed down to the lakefront.  


Brrrr...the lake was noticeably cooler than a couple months ago.  ​

Travis started the fun by showing off his awesome kneeboarding skills behind Pop's new pontoon. Randa and I weren't sure if we wanted to try it because neither one of us has done it before but we all encouraged Randa to try it with some chants of support...Randa, Randa, Randa!


She got a quick lesson from Travis and then gave it a shot, much to the excitement of Sydney and Trey who both came out of the water up to the dock to get a better look at Mama try to pull herself up.  And good for her because she did it!  Bubby cheered and the kids cheered, too! Woohoo! 

She even did a fly-by of the dock and waved at the kids.  ​


When Randa was finished it was eventually my turn. I hemmed and hawed and then agreed to try if Sydney would try after me. She said she would, but I wasn't going to hold her to it.  

So how did I do?  I failed spectacularly.  Five times.

I finally relented and said...'OK it's Sydney's turn!'  Randa asked her if she wanted to do it and she nodded her head.  Wow, she actually wanted to try this!


I got in the water with her, told her how to hold on and that was pretty much it.  She gave Pop a thumbs up and was on her way.  

As if Sydney starting kindergarten a couple weeks ago wasn't enough of a reminder that our girl is growing up, seeing her kneeboard for the first time was another shocker for us.  


She fell down a couple times but when I swam to her she said...'Daddy, even tho I'm shivering and cold I'm gonna try again.  I'm doing this!'

Woohoo, good job Sydney!

Trey, get ready because your turn to kneeboard is coming up in the next year or two.  

And thanks to Laura and Scott for bringing their kayaks, Randa and I paddled the kids down the shoreline and had lots of fun.  I told Randa we should get kayaks and she said...'We need a jetski first.'  

It's a deal!​


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