five year plan

3 Long Term Goals Towards My Five Year Plan

Today I dragged myself into work after spending a day at home yesterday while Randa took the kids to Dollywood.  

It's always so hard to go back into the office after being off for a day and even harder after a lengthy vacation.  

About an hour into my work day I realized it just wasn't happening for me today so I took another day off.  I was feeling lethargic, sad and borderline depressed at the office so on my drive home I tried to figure out what was bothering me.  

By the time I got to our house I still hadn't put my finger on what was causing me to feel so blue.  

Randa asked what was wrong, and I told her how I was feeling and she said she notices I always get these feelings of dissatisfaction at the start of spring because there is so much life and renewal in my surroundings.  

She's right.  ​

The majority of my business ideas and self reflections come during the first weeks of spring.  I totally feed off the freshness and sense of life popping up all around me that I feel an urgent need to start something new so I can feel alive, too.  

After Randa pointed that out to me, I sat out on the porch for a few minutes and decided how to deal with these feelings and how I could exploit them to my advantage.  

five year plan

today i decided to take action

Instead of feeling unsatisfied because I don't have some of the things I want, I thought about the post I made about Daddy Rules, especially number 3 on the list:  Set and achieve goals.  

If I expect my kids to follow the Daddy Rules, I've got to lead by example and do the same!

I typically set short term goals and achieve them easily but long term goals usually linger in the back of my mind and get lost over time.    

I'm not doing that anymore.  

I'm writing down my long term goals today and sticking to them with conviction.  I snapped a picture so I can look back at it when my goals have been achieved and remember that picture as the day I took action.  

Here are 3 Long Term Goals Towards My Five Year Plan  ​


Randa Leaves Her Job

I don't want Randa to work anymore.  She loves her job but she said if we made enough money each month she wouldn't be one of the people who still felt the need to work.  In five years I want to be making enough money for Randa to leave her job and be a stay at home Mom.  Both kids will be in school full-time by then so she won't really be a stay at home Mom...she can be a stay at home whatever she wants.  


Summer Vacations

We spend a week at the Outer Banks every summer.  It's one of our favorite trips of the year because all we do is relax on the beach and eat great suppers in the evening.  I want our trips to be longer than a week, I want them to last as long as we want! Today I asked Randa if she would like to spend entire summers at the Outer Banks but she said she would miss home and the kids would miss their friends.  That makes sense.  But I want to be able to spend at least an entire month at the beach or anywhere else we decide to vacation.  I'm going to make that happen.  


Work From Home 

In five years I don't want to be driving to the office anymore.  If I'm going to be making enough money for Randa to stay at home, I'll be earning money on the side in addition to my full-time job.  I eventually want to leave my office job and work from home or wherever there is an internet connection (summer vacations at the beach).   

These are my three main long-term goals for the next five years.  All three of them are very high level and obviously require numerous short term goals along the way but these are the things I hope to achieve sooner rather than later.  

How will I make these goals happen?

Just watch me.  ​


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