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My Total Lifestyle Change

Today I'm proud to say I've lost about 20 pounds since June!

After our beach trip this year I made a commitment to change my lifestyle because I wasn't feeling like my energetic self anymore and I was heavier than I like to be.  And my back was suffering because of it​.

I couldn't swing a golf club and my back was always sore when I woke in the morning, I used to blame our mattress but that was just an excuse.  My contemplation stage to start working out was over, it was time to get down to business.

The first thing I did was re-evaluate my diet.  My portions were just too big and I wasn't eating the right foods.  I put the fork down and focused on eating less sugar, higher protein foods and consuming less calories overall​.

I also started an exercise regime​ of resistance training and power walking five days a week.  

Without changing my diet and exercise habits, my job would probably take years off my life because I sit at a desk all day.  There's nothing worse than being sedentary especially if you're used to being active.  

Now when I'm at work I get up from my desk every two hours and go on a half mile walk around the block, it takes me about eight minutes or so to complete.  My leadership team wasn't happy with me leaving the building for eight minutes at a time but when I told them about my health benefits and how it's making my work more productive they got on board.  ​

Last week I went to our employee health clinic and had all of my numbers tested, numbers like my blood pressure, total cholesterol and triglycerides.  My numbers scored off the charts!  The clinic asked me how I was hitting these high numbers so I told them about my diet and exercise routine and they encouraged me to keep on truckin'.  Me and other employees being healthy is a win-win for everyone.  

One of my favorite parts of my new diet is wild salmon.  I have salmon for supper twice a week and I absolutely love it!  Did you know there's a guy from the TV show Deadliest Catch who helped start a cool business here in the Asheville area?  It's called The Wild Salmon Co.  The crew spends time in Alaska catching wild salmon and then sells it at bulk discounts at Farmer's Markets and on their website.  

The benefits of eating wild salmon are it drastically reduces the risk of heart disease and gives you great energy throughout the day.  I look forward to my salmon nights.  

I also discovered dark chocolate has awesome health benefits too because it lowers blood pressure, it's very nutritious and is great for the heart.  At first I tried buying dark chocolate with high cocoa content but it was hard for me to eat only a piece or two at a time so I started taking CocoaVia pills every day.  

These days I'm feeling great!  Last night I did some shopping at Sam's and shook my head at some of the foods I probably would have bought a few months ago.  Not anymore though.  And a few weeks ago I golfed for the first time this season and walked 27 holes!  That was awesome.  

When I hit my mid 40's I really noticed my body changing.  At my age I have to work twice as hard to keep my healthy numbers in a good range, but I'm willing to put in the hard work because I've got an awesome wife and two great kids who ​want to have their Daddy around as long as possible.  

I don't consider this a diet, it's a complete lifestyle change.  ​


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