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Casey Neistat

I thought about reaching out to Casey Neistat to tell him I consider him one of the most influential people I've come across in the last couple years but I stopped short when I visited his website and saw a link to this essay on his contact page.  His friend, Ryan Holiday, wrote it...

To the person who emailed me this morning with a perfectly nice request,

I’m sorry to say the answer is no.

You didn’t do anything wrong. You were perfectly respectful and within your rights to ask about arranging a time for a meeting (or was it for a phone call or about setting a date for that project we discussed, I don’t recall).

The problem isn’t you. There is something wrong with me.

I have a form of anorexia.

Don’t be alarmed. It’s not serious, though I take it quite seriously. Because it’s probably the only form that’s healthy. In fact, I think it’s the secret to my success.

I have calendar anorexia.

I want as absolutely little in my calendar as possible. I’m meticulous about it. Whatever the least amount possible I can have in my calendar without killing my career—that’s what I want.

Am I miffed he doesn't give complete strangers like me a minute of his time to talk? Nope, of course not.  Why should I be?  I actually like him even more now.  

Casey is a maker, not a manager.  He doesn't like to manage his time at meetings or on the phone or responding to emails, he'd rather be out in the world making YouTube videos...or mini movies or Casey Time, as I like to call it. 

I never miss Casey Time.  Especially since he decided to go back to doing daily vlogs on his YouTube channel that now has nearly 10 million subscribers and about two billion views.  

I also thought about reading other articles about Neistat so I could get some ideas or quotes for this post but I stopped short on that too because I wanna explain how Casey has influenced me without being influenced by someone else's ideas or opinions.  Does that make sense?

I discovered Casey about six months ago when I stumbled across his $21,000 First Class Airplane Seat video that tells the story of being randomly upgraded to First Class on Emirates Airlines.  

I thought to myself, who is this guy?  This can't be real, it must have been a set up and this is nothing but awesome advertising for Emirates.  But the video and everything about is was mesmerizing to me, I felt like I had to see more. 

Since watching that viral video, I've binge watched a whole bunch of the other content on his YouTube channel, and I'm nowhere near close to even halfway finished watching all of his cool creations.  

His content is awesome.  It's wildly entertaining and the editing and quality of his videos are so incredible.  But that's not what inspires me the most about Casey Neistat. 

His story inspires me the most.  

From what I've learned, Casey was one of the kids who was picked on in high-school because of the way he looked.  He eventually quit high-school and was forced to take a job washing dishes after getting his first girlfriend pregnant, but all along his dream was to make movies and make his life count.  The only problem was he didn't have the means to go to film school and follow the traditional path of success.  So he did the only thing he knew to do...he followed the non-traditional path and created his own success.  

Casey Neistat

If you watch short movies or follow content creators on YouTube, you can thank Neistat because he was one of the first to do daily vlogs and mini movies as a way to express himself, and in the process, motivate others.  

Casey is a mover and a shaker, he motivates others by helping them achieve their own versions of success.  Scroll through the comments on some of his videos and you'll see what I mean, people reach out to him and thank him for inspiring them and getting them excited about creating things, no matter what it is.  I know, because I felt the need to reach out too.  

Wanna feel inspired, check out his Do What You Can't video.  

Now I have to admit, it's kinda strange writing a blog about a YouTube content creator because it feels like this post should be a video instead of typed out, but there's one problem...I can't do very good videos. 

Oops, sorry Casey...that's the whole point right?  We're supposed to try doing what we can't.  

I throw the odd spoken video out there for Asheville Crate Company on the journal page as a way to connect with customers even though people probably don't wanna watch some random guy talking for way too long, but I feel like it adds a face and personal touch to the business. I'm definitely fine-tuning my approach to reaching customers by video and trying to do what I can't.  

My world needs more people like Casey Neistat.  

Being an entrepreneur or creator is stressful and nerve wracking because there are definitely haters and doubters who won't like what you're doing.  And creating things definitely isn't a safe place, it's mildly traumatic to put things out there for the world to see because there's an inherent need to have people like what you create, especially if there's a monetization aspect to your creations.  

But creators like Casey make it easier.

I'd like to thank Mr. Neistat for his daily vlogs and mini movies, for those 8 to 10 minutes of art that probably took hours and hours to complete.  I'd like to thank him for doing cool things that inspire ME to do cool things. And I'd like to thank him for his I don't give a crap attitude, for changing the way things are done and for helping others make their lives count. 

That's what it's all about.  


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