Plum Dozen – Favorite Songs – #4

This has been one of my favorite all-time songs since the album with my name was released in 1987.  

Rolling Stone magazine ranks this song at number 132 of the best songs of all-time, but it clocks in at number 4 on my list.  It has tension, a rising action feel, it's kinda haunting and I love the drums at the end, even though some unsophisticated DJ's insist on cutting off the end of the song to start their rambling.  The song has to be played until the very end to maximize its effect on the listener.  

When my times comes, play this song and remember me.  

PS...special thanks to my aunt and uncle who were travelling and snapped a pic of a Joshua Tree on my birthday and mailed it to me. 


With or Without You


The Joshua Tree



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