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Plum Dozen – Favorite Songs – #8

Have you ever done something so cool you wish you could do it again? And then the second time isn't as good as the first?

Sometimes it's just best to have the memories.  

A few years ago Randa and I drove to Nashville to watch the Predators play the Vancouver Canucks on our wedding anniversary.  We sat 9th row, center ice.  My Dad even saw us on TV when he watched the game back home in Vancouver. 

We had so much fun sitting among the hospitable Nashville crowd, some of the best fans in the entire league.  The game was secondary as we talked, laughed and drank some beverages...we even saw a Kellyanne Conway lookalike get pelted in the face with a tshirt from the tshirt cannon during intermission.  Total highlight of the night. 

When the game ended, the guys beside us shook our hands and wished us happy anniversary.  Then we headed to Broadway to find a bar to spend the rest of the night.  

We stumbled into the Stage on Broadway, a two level bar with a rooftop hangout.  We went upstairs but felt out of place with the young crowd and even younger music.  

We went back downstairs and found out a live band would be starting shortly so Randa went to the bar and I went to the bathroom. 

As I was at the stall, the band started up...I recognized the first few notes right away. Woohoo!  I couldn't get my fly up fast enough.  

The song they started with comes in at #8 on my list of all-time favorite songs, I'll always remember it as the song that kicked off a night of dancing and being irresponsible partying parents for the first time in years.  

(I also remember catching a cab home and asking the driver to go through Taco Bell drive thru...or maybe it was Burger King?) 

Yes, sometimes it's best to just have the memories. 


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