led zeppelin

Plum Dozen – Favorite Songs – #9

When I was in high school, there were a group of kids who wore jean jackets, went to the smoke pit at lunch time and had Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones patches sewn on their jackets.  

They usually smelled like smoke and I didn't like being around them, but one thing for sure is they all had great taste in music.  

It took me a bit longer to discover the music they already knew about, but the important thing is I finally did find the classic tracks of their youth.  

One cool thing about growing up is...you learn to accept the differences in everyone and just get along through this journey we call life.  When we all graduated high school, there was a party on a dirt road up the street from my house and everyone was there together...the jocks, nerds and jean jackets.  And we listened to cool music.  

One of those songs was this one.  

When I turned 40, Randa bought me a drum set because she knew I'd always wanted to learn how to play the drums.  I played air drums all the time, I was the best air drummer on the planet!

One of the first songs I tried learning on my new kit was this Led Zeppelin song, little did I know the list of drummers who can do the 'purdie shuffle' to perfection are very small, there are arguments all over the internet about who does it best.  

For me, it's Led Zeppelin's John Bonham...or Bonzo.  


Fool in the Rain

Led Zeppelin

In Through The Out Door


(P.S.  As a bonus, I've included the Bonham's isolated drum track too.  I like to listen to the iso track first, and then the full music track...but you do what you want)

(P.P.S.  One of the hardest things for me when I moved from air drums to real drums was keeping time to the music.  All the songs are so slow)


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