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I've gotten comments on my favorite hat on the golf course, Disney World, Dollywood, the Outer Banks and Augusta National.  People will walk by me and say 'nice hat'  or 'ya Boston.'  


It's an epic hat, and the owner of Chowdaheadz has created a very successful business around his best product.  If you're a fan of Boston sports teams, Chowdaheadz is your go-to destination for Boston centric gear.  And it appears they've done it all without any sort of licensing.  That's amazing!

My awesome Fenway Patch hat recreates the famous Citgo sign that famously sits beyond Fenway Park and has the word Fenway underneath.  No licensing required.  

I love the hat so much I contacted the hat-maker and had them make some promotional hats for Asheville Crate Company.  I misfired on the logo I used for the patch, but live and learn.  I like to randomly drop one of our hats into orders and ship it off to people as a way to say thank-you.  

Everyone knows Boston is one of the best sports town in the country, so Chowdaheadz capitalizes on that enthusiasm with hats, apparel, accessories and stickers.  Combine the successful sports franchises with the often mocked but still endearing Boston dialect and you've got yourself a wicked pissah website!

Chowdaheadz - It's a New England Thing!


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