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college hunks hauling junk

I've read dozens of business books, some of them good and some of them not so good or inspiring.  There are a handful of books that made an impact on me with content I actually remember and try to use everyday.  

One of the inspiring books is Effortless Entrepreneur by the founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk.  

I wasn't expecting much when I ordered it because it wasn't on the top of everyone's list for books entrepreneurs should definitely buy but I ordered it anyways because I was starting to admire the junk hauling business these two college guys dropped out of school to pursue.  

One phrase they said over and over in the book and really made an impression on me was 'always branding.'  No matter what, always be branding.  

I took their advice to heart by making Asheville Crate Co. hats, shirts, hoodies, business cards, hang-tags and boxes.  I try to slap my logo onto everything because if you're not branding yourself, you're branding someone else.  And it's all written off as an advertising expense.  

Why would I wear a t-shirt with another brand on it?  Like Life is Good or Vineyard Vines or Johnny Cupcakes.  It makes no sense.  If I'm gonna wear a t-shirt or hoodie, it's gonna have my brand on it, even if some people make fun of me for always wearing them.  

I'm not saying I don't wear other brands, but they better be special to me. Like The Tragically Hip, Vancouver Canucks, Boston Red Sox or Chowdaheadz.  


I read a story about the golfing legend Arnold Palmer.  Palmer is a brand unto himself and his umbrella logo is prominent on everything he touches.  One day he invited a journalist on his private plane to come with him to tour a new golf course Palmer was designing.  When the journalist arrived on the tarmac, he was wearing a Nike swoosh shirt. 


Palmer looked at him and said you're not gonna wear that shirt are you? The journalist looked down and instantly realized his faux pas.  Luckily Palmer had a stash of shirts on the plane so he got the right size and had the journalist change into the iconic umbrella logo.   

Always branding.  


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