Plum Dozen – Inspiring Business – lululemon


Sit back for a second and think about businesses that don't sell their products, but instead sell lifestyles.  

Hmm...Nike maybe?  The Just Do It campaign is pretty powerful.  

For me, the only business I think of is lululemon.  The founder, Chip Wilson, always said he wasn't selling products, he's selling a lifestyle.  

And it's true. 

I can remember when I saw the very first lululemon store in Vancouver on the way to the University of British Columbia in Kitsilano.  The logo was cool and stood out on top of an old vintage white building, but most of all I loved the name.  How can you not?  

I drove by slowly and saw what looked like a clothing store/manufacturing area and a studio?  What the heck is going on in there?

Whatever it was, I wished it was for me.  I wanted to be part of whatever was going on in that cool looking building.  But as I later found out, it was a yoga studio that began selling some of its products.  I was never really into yoga but so many people in Vancouver were.  

If you've never been to Vancouver but wanna know what it's like, all you have to do is look at lululemon:  healthy, trendy, organic, fitness, granola, green, expensive.  

Wilson hit all those traits when he created the lifestyle brand that has become lululemon.  There are now nearly 400 stores worldwide and revenue hits nearly $2 billion per year.  

So inspiring!  

Especially when I think about slowly driving by the first store wondering what the heck it was, but knowing that whatever was in that store was gonna be a huge brand one day.  

The thing I take away from lululemon is the power of a good name.  

Sydney and I lay in bed together sometimes and talk about random stuff, like what we would name the lemonade stand she wants to start...she wants to sell lemonade but other juices too.  

She's come up with a name...the NeeAliya Juice Company.  

Her full name is Sydney she really likes how NeeAliya rolls of the tongue, kinda like lululemon.  

I'd say she's off to a good start.  


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