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chip gaines

There are a whole bunch of reasons why I feel inspired by Chip Gaines that go way beyond his wildly successful HGTV show Fixer Upper.  

Lately I've been binge watching Fixer Upper again, even though I've seen every episode and I know what the renovated house will look like at the end when they reveal the Fixer Upper.  

But it's just such a good show, and the cool thing about it is I don't think it's a 'show'...the way Chip and his family are portrayed is more than likely how they are in real life. 

First of all, what I like the most about Chip is he's a family man.  He's always hanging out with his kids and the way he interacts with them is admirable.  He's really a Dad his kids can look up to.  

And the way his wife Joanna looks at him tells me she loves him so much...that means he's doing something right.  He makes her laugh and I think she loves that.  A lot of times she'll roll her eyes at him when he's acting dorky but I think she loves that too.  

I just feel like me and Chip could be friends.  I'm not even kidding when I say I wanna send him pictures of a project I've done around the house because he's just that kind of guy and that's how me makes me feel.  

Not only is Chip an awesome carpenter, but he and his wife have created an incredible Magnolia brand with many subsidiaries ranging from a restaurant, bed and breakfast, real estate, and of course, the market.  

They're so busy with their business entities, they had to cancel their HGTV show to focus on their businesses.  You know you're doing something right when you cancel your TV show because you don't have time for it anymore.  

I'm just so proud of what they've accomplished together.  I know when people inspire me because I feel proud for them even though I've never met them.  

Chip would be a cool guy to meet.  

Thanks for the inspiration!


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