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don draper

I knew the show Mad Men existed, I just never watched it.  It was one of those shows I really wanted to watch but just couldn't get around to committing myself to it.  

I knew I would love it because it was about the golden age of advertising and that's the kinda stuff I geek out to, so one day when Netflix offered a free 30 day trial I signed up and watched the entire seven year series in less than a month.  

First of all, I'd like to apologize to my wife because I recapped nearly every episode and the awesome Don Draper pitch moments to her pretty much everyday.  

There were just so many of them.  

This blog isn't about how awesome that show was, it's about how Draper was able to expertly pitch his advertising campaigns to big corporations and brands.  I loved how ahead of his time he was, and how he was able to turn one creative success into another..and another.  He totally made building blocks of success, once one big brand saw his work and the results, the next big brand came knocking on his door and he kicked butt on that campaign too.  

Success comes from standing out, not fitting in - Don Draper 

I totally think video is the future of advertising, not just those ads you see on Youtube that you click 'skip ad' to at the beginning of the actual video you wanna watch; those are pointless.  I'm talking about creative content that brands can drop on their Facebook page or website.   

I'm gonna drop an advertising pitch from Asheville Crate Company to a brand I'd like to partner with in the next few days, and it's because Don Draper taught me to stand out. The video is my first attempt at editing, spicing, trimming, transitions, B-roll and all of that other lingo I don't know much about.  It's gonna be amateur and choppy but the key is I'm gonna try it and do my best to stand out.  

I could write on and on about how awesome that show was, but today I'm limiting my scope to the inspiration that is Don Draper.  

***Spoiler Alert***

My mind was blown when during the final season it seemed like Draper was fading, he was dealing with his demons and trying to resolve his issues.  Was his stellar advertising career coming to an end?  

Nope, he fought threw it and when the light bulb went off he came up with the idea for one of the greatest commercials ever made while meditating in California.  Total goose-bump moment.  

Just think about it deeply, then forget it … then an idea will jump up in your face. - Don Draper


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