Solar Eclipse 2017

The Time You Saw A Total Solar Eclipse

Back in April Mama asked me if I wanted to take a day off work and come with you guys to view the total solar eclipse.  I said no.  

Big mistake.  Huge.  

I remember seeing the eclipse of 1979, not with my own eyes...but on TV.  I can remember my parents telling me not to look into the sun when I walked to school that day, so I walked all the way with my head down.  From what I remember it was a cloudy day anyways.  

So when Mama asked me to go this year I wasn't all that excited about it.  Been there done that I guess?  ​

Last week I started to get minor pangs of regret for saying no.  And then my disappointment when into full-on 'what was I thinking' mode yesterday.

Mama, Bubby and you guys woke super early for the drive to board the Great Smoky Mountains eclipse train ​that would take you to Dillsboro, NC to view the eclipse in totality.  Yes, totality!  

I stayed back here in Asheville where the eclipse was at about 99 percent coverage.  On the night before the eclipse Sydney asked me how come she'll be in totality and I won't be?  I'm not a scientist but I think I explained it OK, something about you being in a direct line and me being off to the side.   

Leading up to yesterday, Mama and I explained what you'd be seeing, we even showed you videos on YouTube.  You seemed excited but I'm not sure you knew exactly what to expect?  Trey seemed to have a bit of worry about the darkness in the middle of the day.  ​

Because you guys were on your way to awesomeness, Mama and I had to text all day.  

​Mama:  Traffic nuts already

Daddy:  Lotsa people here are very anti-eclipse...blah blah traffic, blah blah too busy.  Such haters.  Lady at the UPS store wasn't very nice about it.  

​Mama:  18 miles on 40 is gonna take hours

Daddy:  just walked downtown. it's absolutely dead. kinda creepy. guess we know where they all are

Daddy:  I'm lovin the journey you're taking the kids on.  good job mama!

solar eclipse

 Daddy:  cool to watch the abc live feed cuz the eclipse has started on west coast

PS...Mama had bad cell service on the train so I was doing all the texting for a bit

​Daddy:  wow, watching the eclipse in 1979 was way different. bonnie tyler's song 'total eclipse of the heart' is trending all over the internet LOL

Daddy:  going for a walk downtown before it gets real here (this was about 12:45...23 mins before first contact in Asheville)

Daddy:  so ya...i'm depressed. can't believe i'm not with you and the kids for this. i feel the same way i did when i became a citizen except worse lol

solar eclipse

Daddy:  totality in oregon. beautiful

Mama:  Wow, it's started already?

Daddy:  I have tears lol

Mama:  Just arrived in dillsboro

Daddy:  you guys are in for such a treat 

Solar Eclipse 2017

Daddy:  i'm gonna sign off and let you guys enjoy. message me if you want but don't worry about me. just have fun

​Daddy:  lady at work let me use her glasses. i saw it live for the first time in my life

Mama:  Woot. It's about 1/3 covered here now. There too I guess?

Daddy:  Ya very close.  Kids think it's cool?

Mama:  Yep.  Getting cooler.  And darker.  

Daddy:  I got some free glasses.  Woot!

solar eclipse 2017

Mama:  Big cloud trying to get in our way

Daddy:  same

solar eclipse 2017

PS...this is right about the time you guys experienced totality

Mama:  Sent you a video and two pics but they may not come. Service is weird here

Daddy:  OK.  did it get pretty dark there?

Mama:  Yep.  Not pitch black but sky was awesome.  I got great shots of totality.  Of the moon.  

solar eclipse 2017
solar eclipse 2017

Daddy:  shadows were very strange lookin.  very sharp.  

solar eclipse 2017

Daddy:  that vid got me teary-eyed.  great job!  wicked pics too.  LOVE the diamond effect pic!

Daddy:  did you have tears? sounded like i could hear them in your laugh

Mama:  Yep. In that video even Bubby says something about tears and I said me too lol

So there you have it.  You guys were in totality for a little over 2 minutes, the sky went dark and the moon completely blocked out the sun.  Even though I wasn't there with you, I'm SO glad Mama and Bubby took you guys on the journey yesterday.  You guys left the house a little after 8 am and got home by 9:30 that night.  Traffic was nuts coming home, too.  

Before I went to bed, Mama sent me one last text...

Mama:  it was hashtag #soworthit

(I'll explain hashtags to you guys in a few years)  


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