bee sting

The Time We Both Got Stung by Bees

I know what you're thinking...big deal, right?  Lotsa people get stung by bees together, especially if they're messing around with a nest.  

But we weren't messing with a nest.  We weren't even together...that's the weird part.  

I was at home cutting the grass and I got zapped by a bee as I was cutting near the rose bushes.  OUCH!  It got red, swollen and throbbed every time i stepped for the rest of the lawn cutting.  

My phone was inside, so I didn't even know that right around the same time I got stung Randa sent a text saying Trey just got stung by a bee on the slide at preschool.  

About an hour later Randa and Trey drove up the driveway and I went to the van to get Trey out and told him I got stung by a bee while he was gone.  

Randa thought I was just being silly with Trey cuz he got stung too, but I hadn't even seen her text yet!  She asked if I was being serious?  I told her how I got stung over by the roses.  

Then Trey said he got stung too!  I asked him where and he pointed to his sting.  Wanna know the even MORE weird part???

We BOTH got stung on the left calf within centimeters of each other at pretty much exactly the same time and we were miles apart. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?!  That's gotta mean something, right?  

Or maybe it doesn't mean anything at all.  Maybe we were just both unlucky and in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

Double OUCH!


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