The Time Sydney Got New Glasses

Three days ago Sydney went for her first eye exam, today she went back to the eye doctor to pick up her new prescription glasses.

Randa and I both knew our kids would most likely need glasses because bats can probably see better than us but we weren't expecting them to need them at such a young age...Sydney is only 5!

I've come to terms with her needing glasses but when I first found out I was kinda upset.  I was at work while Randa and Bubby took the kids to the eye doctor and I kept glancing at my phone waiting for an update on Sydney's exam.  

Then Randa finally texted...'picking out glasses.'  

I responded...'what?  i don't believe it!  i gave her an eye test from the living room this weekend and she could see everything!'​

It turns out Sydney's eyesight was good but the eye doctor wants to correct an imperfection in her right eye during her developmental period and there's a chance she may not need glasses in a few years.  We'll see I guess.  

We all want our kids to be healthy and perfect so hearing she needed corrective lenses was a weird feeling, even though we knew it was coming.  

Parenting is such a great journey.

The unpredictable truth is, there will be plenty of bumps and bruises and broken hearts along the way...things that feel like they're chipping away at the perfectness of our children, things that makes us wonder how they'll cope or how will other kids treat them.  

But these things aren't chipping away at their perfectness, they're making them even MORE perfect​, Sydney the young person is growing up right before our eyes (no pun intended) and this is part of her journey...part of our journey as her parents.  

Randa let Sydney pick out her own glasses and explained to her she doesn't have to wear them all the time, mostly during TV time and for seeing far away.  She seems pretty neutral to the whole thing so far, but the other night she did ask us if we can feel our glasses on our face while wearing them?  


Today when she tried them on for the first time Randa said Sydney told her the ground is moving.  

The ground isn't the only thing moving, time is flying by way too fast.  


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