The Time Sydney Graduated From Preschool

One school year down and only 13 school years left!


Yesterday we all sat in the church pews as a family and watched Sydney walk up the aisle, give her teacher Mrs. Murray a big hug and accept her preschool graduation certificate.  


We're so proud of Sydney and all of her classmates because all the students stood at the front of the church and sang five or six of the favorite songs they had learned over the course of the year before accepting their certificates. Good job, kids!

Mrs. Murray asked the audience to use their imaginations when the children sang ​Under The Sea because in the classrooms they all spread their arms and legs out and pretended to be big starfish but there wasn't enough room in the church to be the best starfish they could be.  We thought they all looked like awesome starfish!

And the artwork...oh my goodness the artwork around our house!

I said to Randa I wanted to keep Sydney's artwork to hang in the basement around my workshop but I quickly realized I would run out of space on the walls around the workbench.  Now we've got the rest of her pretty art pictures in a pile in the basement​ to be stored in a box forever, and some on the fridge and some in picture frames and some in our bedroom.  It's everywhere!

Sometimes I wish I could have seen how Sydney interacted at preschool because it's hard to imagine how your child behaves and interacts with others during the school day.  Does she listen to the teacher?  Does she play well with others?  Is she nice to the other kids?  Are they nice to her?


art from maddey on sydney's window sill

It sounds like she made a couple good friends along the way because she always talks about her friends Sarah and Maddey and how they play together all the time.  Sydney and Maddey even started making art for each other when they were at home and gave it to each other the next preschool day.   


a drawing sydney made for maddey

I loved coming home from work and hearing about her days at preschool...everything from learning about insects and sea life, the Mayflower, growing bean plants​ and how to print her name.  

Sydney is already registered for kindergarten, that starts in a few short months so today is officially her first day of summer vacation before she starts going to school everyday​!

Last night when I was getting the kids ready for bed, I turned on the light in Sydney's room and took the kids into the bathroom to brush their teeth. 

Then Sydney said to me...

'Daddy, in preschool I learned that you should always turn the light off in a room when you're not using it to save power.'  

So she went to her room and turned the light off and then came back to brush her teeth.  That made me smile.  

Good job, Sydney...we're all so proud of you!

Our daughter is growing up.  


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