The Time Sydney Lost Her First Tooth

It finally happened!  And it was a strawberry from our garden that did it.  

A few weeks ago we took Sydney to the dentist because her adult bottom front teeth​ were starting to come in but her baby teeth hadn't come out yet.  Her baby teeth were loose but they were a long ways from coming out - she was starting to get the shark tooth effect.  The dentist gave us some numbing stuff and encouraged us to try and get them out so her big teeth can have room to come in.  We really didn't wanna have to come back to the dentist in a few weeks to have HER pull them out so we let Sydney tell us when she was ready for us to try and wiggle it out.  

She was reluctant for the first couple of nights but then she came downstairs after I had put her to bed one night and said she was ready.  So I numbed her gums, grabbed a tissue paper and tried to wiggle it.  Nope.  My fingers were too big to get a good grip so I told her we might have to wait for Mama to get home to do it.  But by then Sydney had lost her nerve.  

Days passed and her tooth became more and more loose on its own.  Last night I had a really good look at it before bed and I ALMOST got it out on my own by wiggling it.  I thought for sure I'd be able to but it was hanging on by a thread.  

So this morning when Sydney woke up, I went to the calendar on the fridge and encouraged her by telling her I was writing 'today is the day Sydney lost her first tooth' on today's date.  She asked me how I knew today is the day?  I said I just had a feeling đŸ™‚

This afternoon I saw some fresh strawberries in our garden so I picked em and gave them to the kids at the picnic table.  I came inside and a minute or so later Sydney came running inside without saying anything, she just gave me a BIG grin.


Then she held out her hand and showed it to me before running away into the backyard and sitting by the fence by herself.  

Trey asked me what's wrong with Sydney?  I told her she just lost her tooth, give her a second to see what it feels like...she'll come to us when she's ready.  

After a few minutes she came back to us and told her it didn't even hurt when it came out!  Then she wanted to bite the other strawberry to see what it felt like to eat without a tooth.  

I'm so happy it was a strawberry from Plummer's Patch that did it!  

Now Sydney wants me to find the tooth fairies phone number so I can text her and tell her it finally came out​.

I bet Mama has her number.  


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