The Time Sydney Started Kindergarten

It's 9:30pm on Monday night, today was day one of kindergarten for Sydney and now our family routine is completely out of whack. 

We're usually just getting the kids out of the bath and starting bedtime stories but tonight Sydney and Trey have already been in bed for nearly an hour and a half. Randa is already in bed too, this is just weird!


And this is how it's going to be for the foreseeable future.  

We've been dialing back the kids bedtimes for the last few weeks preparing them for the early mornings but no matter how hard we tried to prepare ourselves, today was an exhausting day for everyone.  

We woke the kids at 7:00 am and ​started day one of being sleepy parents trying to get Sydney ready for school.  She didn't put up much of a fight getting up so early because she's been looking forward to her first day of school for weeks, probably more like months.  

Randa and I got into hustle and bustle mode, working as a team to get both kids dressed, her lunch packed and breakfast on the table. Sydney must have noticed our sense of mild urgency because she asked if we were in a hurry?  ​


Nope, just trying to figure out this whole get up early and get you to school on time routine.  

Sydney said she wanted to be beautiful for her first day of kindergarten so she asked if she could wear a necklace and she wanted her hair in a pretty braid. Good job on the hair, Mama! 

Believe it or not we had both kids buckled up in the van by 7:35 and were heading down the driveway for the first day of school.  

Was I emotional?  There was no time to be emotional.  I felt the same way I do on day one of a new job, a little bit nervous, a little bit afraid of the unknown and a little bit of excitement at this new chapter in our lives.  ​

It was also hard to get emotional because the line of cars dropping off the kids at school was insane!  The line snaked down the school road, into a makeshift parking lot where the cars drove in a loop so they wouldn't be lined up onto the main road.  Wow, maybe we should get up even earlier?

We finally got the kids out of the van, into the school and into her classroom where a lot of Sydney's new classmates were already seated at their tables.  I'd hate to think how early their parents left the house to get them seated and looking so calm!  We're definitely going to have to get up earlier.  


Sydney got a new name tag from her assistant teacher and then waved goodbye to us. And then I got down on my knee and she ran over and gave me a great big hug. You know those moments in life that happen and while they're happening you know that you'll never, ever forget them? That hug with Sydney on her first day of school is already in my vault of snapshot memories.  

I hugged her tight and told her I loved her very much.  

​And as we left the classroom, the pledge of allegiance started playing through the speakers during morning announcements followed by a moment of silence.  It was all very surreal.  

And you wanna know the coolest thing about Sydney's kindergarten classroom?  It's the same one Randa was in 25 years ago when she went to the same school.  


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