summer of '16

The Summer of ’16

A few months ago Randa decided she wanted to give the kids their best summer ever because Sydney is starting kindergarten soon and all of our lives are going to drastically change.  

Next week the kids will be going to bed earlier, waking earlier and Sydney will be gone at school all day while Randa stays home with Trey.  That will be a huge adjustment, especially for Mama and Trey because they're used to having Sydney around all week with them while Daddy is at work.  ​

summer of '16

We've explained to Trey that Sydney will be at school, but he probably won't understand it until he notices he has Mama all to himself.  

Of course Sydney is bursting at the seams to finally get to kindergarten, she's been counting down the days.  She's got her school supplies, she knows how she wants to dress on the first day of school and her school cafeteria account has been filled up with lunch money.  We'll be making her lunch at home, but she'll probably want to be a big girl and get some cafeteria food, too.  

My routine won't change that much other than the earlier bed and waking times ​because Randa will continue to work on the weekends and I'll see the kids just as much. But I definitely feel for Randa because I know she'll miss Sydney lots during the day. 

That's why Randa and Bubby made sure they spent every day together over the last couple months to make sure the summer of '16 was the best summer ever!

​I'm not kidding when I say they spent every minute together with the kids.  Randa made a list at the start of summer of all the things to do and then gave the kids to choice of how they wanted to spend the next day.  

summer of '16

It was an awesome way to make sure the kids went to bed excited for what tomorrow's adventures would be!

It's pretty much impossible to list all the things they did together but when I look through all the pictures on Facebook it's safe to say the main themes were water and nature, and of course Dollywood!

One of the coolest things they did was biking the Virginia Creeper Trail, a long pretty much flat and downhill biking trail that took them most of the day.  They rode a shuttle to the top and rode all the way down with the kids in tow, stopping for a picnic and a splash in the nearby creek.  It looked like so much fun!

summer of '16

The Fourth of July was great this year too because we spent it at the camper at Boone Lake, swimming in the water, riding on the pontoon and eating the watermelon Pop cut up for us.  On the way home we stopped to watch the fireworks in Tennessee.  It started to rain right before the fireworks were set to go off but the weather cleared up just in time to see the celebration.  

Happy Birthday, America!​

The best water splashing day this summer was at Lake Lure Beach ​where the kids splashed in the lake and played on the sandy beach and water park.  They could have stayed there all day and night!  It's always a good sign when the kids ask if they can come back tomorrow.  

​Then there was the day they fed lorikeets at Bright's Zoo in Tennessee!  Talk about being brave, I don't think Bubby or Trey wanted the birds on their heads but Sydney and Mama sure didn't mind.  

summer of '16

The summer of '16 days were also filled with our annual beach trip to the Outer Banks, a family reunion in Tennessee, swimming lessons for both of the kids, the drum circle and the momentous occasion when Sydney and Trey both stopped being afraid of the giant Chuck E. Cheese mouse!

Next week our routines will change and life with the kids will kick into an even higher gear.  When I think about how I feel about Sydney starting school I feel mostly excited for her, knowing she's so excited to start school makes me excited too.  

summer of '16

I consider myself to be a helicopter/hover Daddy, I'm always not so subtly spotting her while she's on the monkey bars or doing something else risky.  During the last few weeks I've been training myself to step back and let her do things on her own, but it's hard because it's my nature to leap up out of my seat and hold my arms out even though she doesn't need me to as much anymore.

Maybe by this time next week my excitement for her will turn into complete anxiety when I think about how nobody will be there to catch her.  

But for now I'm just so happy and appreciative that Randa and Bubby made the summer of '16 the best summer ever for the guys rock!

Now it's time for the next chapter.  ​


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