The Time Mama Brought Home Kittens

Yesterday our family grew from four to eight when Randa brought four kittens home from the barn.  Wow, that was fast!

The plan is to only keep two and give the others away for adoption.  

A few weeks ago we discovered a black barn cat that looked like she was nursing so we searched around and eventually found four baby kittens, three all black and one tabby. 

They were really young when Randa and the kids found them so we waited a few weeks for the Mama cat to nurse them to a good size.  We've all been missing Leroy since he left us in January so we've been waiting for the right time to introduce new kitties.  

Last night seemed like a pretty good time.  

Before I go any further, me and the kids would like to thank Randa for bringing the kittens home and for making sure the Mama cat was in a good place.  When we saw the Mama cat for the first time weeks ago she was very skittish and took awhile to come around but now she rubs against our legs and purrs when she sees us, hopefully she knows she has a home here if she wants it.  

Right now the kittens are all asleep downstairs and the Mama is outside but she knows where they are and hopefully she knows they're being taken care of.  And that's all because Randa took the time to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Thanks, Randa...we love you!

As of now I think Sydney has claimed the tabby and Trey has picked his favorite black one.  Sydney is debating on the names 'Tabby' or 'Whiskers' and Trey picked the name 'LoveBug.'  

Cute story about the name LoveBug....I've always called Sydney 'love' or 'lovebug' so Trey and I went to Sydney's room before bed to make sure she's OK with Trey calling his cat the same name I call her. 

Sydney asked me...'If Trey calls his cat LoveBug, does that mean you'll stop calling ME lovebug?'

I said of course not, you'll always be my lovebug.  

She said OK, Trey can call his cat that name too.  


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