The Time Trey Graduated From Preschool

One school year down and only 13 school years left!

Yesterday we all sat in the church pews as a family and watched Trey walk up the aisle, give his teacher Mrs. Murray a big hug and accept his preschool graduation certificate. 

I'd like to thank Bubby and Pop and Laura for coming to the graduation, we filled a whole pew supporting Trey! That made me feel good, and I'm sure Trey felt pretty good too 🙂

And Sydney, thanks for agreeing to be an early dismissal from your school to watch Trey graduate.  I'm sure leaving school early was a tough decision for you 😉 

We're so proud of Trey and all of his classmates because all the students stood at the front of the church and sang five or six of the favorite songs they had learned over the course of the year before accepting their certificates. Good job, kids!


I also thought it was pretty cool that Trey flashed me the check mark sign when he was standing up at the front of the audience.  I hope we can do that one day at his high-school and college graduations too.  

As Trey gets set to embark on his schooling career, I can't help but notice the type of kid he is.  He genuinely cares about others and wants to to make other people feel good.  I love that quality about him so much.  

When his 'girlfriend' Brooklyn went up to get her certificate, Trey was so excited for her!

After the ceremony, Randa got to chatting with Brooklyn's Mom and she said Trey is all Brooklyn talks about.  Randa told her Trey talks about Brooklyn all the time too.  I hope they don't miss each other too much over summer break 🙂

Yesterday was a milestone in the life of our youngest kid.  Next year he'll be in kindergarten roaming the same halls as his big sister.  It makes me happy knowing they'll be together all day because they're best friends and they play together all weekend.  And I'm happy Mama will only have two pickup trips to make now instead of driving all over the place.  

Mama, I hope you enjoy your summer break with the kids, I know this is your favorite time of the year because your schedule is so awesome you get to stay home during the week with them.  

I have a feeling this is gonna be the best summer break ever!

And a special thanks to Mrs. Murray.  Her preschool came highly recommended to us a few years ago, so Sydney and Trey both went and we think it helped prepare both kids for public school.  Her art projects, songs, field trips and overall experience made everyone in our family so happy.  

I'm just so happy right now.  I love my family so much.  

Good luck in kindergarten, Trey!


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