Plum Family Farm

The Time We Started the Plum Family Farm

By the time the Plum Family Farm reaches its peak, I don't even think I'll be alive to see my entire vision of thousands of Fraser Fir trees flourishing in our backyard.   

Morbid?  Nope.  Visionary?  You betcha.  

You see those two kids on the right of the page over there? -------->

The Plum Family Farm is being built all for them.  In fact, everything I do in my life is for them.  They're my focus, my inspiration.  I'm the bow from which my children as living arrows are sent forth. 

Cuz one day I won't be here.  But the Plum Family Farm will live on as a place for them to enjoy nature, walk through trails and foster their entrepreneurship if they so choose.  

Maybe they won't even wanna do it.  Maybe by the time the first Fraser Fir trees are ready for harvest they'll be busy doing other things.  But just in case they're searching for things, their search won't have to go very far because the foundation will be built right in our backyard. 

Plum Family Farm

We're working on logo mockups for a nice big sign to post on the side bank, and soon I'll build steps heading down to the yard so future tree-pickers will be able to safely enter the grounds and choose whichever Christmas tree they want.  

There's gonna be a firepit, hot chocolate, wreaths, pine straw, and maybe even some crates 🙂

Plum Family Farm

Yup, I have a vision.  I have goals.  And I'm determined to leave a legacy.  

The rest will be up to Sydney and Trey.  

Plum Family Farm

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