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The Time I Met My Future Wife

Randa and the kids are off to Dollywood again today so instead of smashing the van window like I did the last time they went to their favorite theme park, I thought I better do something that won't cost as much.   

And as you'll see near the bottom of the post, I'm definitely all about saving money....read on to see what I mean.  

Today I'm going to tell the story about how I met my future wife for the first time. 

I'm doing this post for our kids because the older I get the harder it is for me to remember things, and one day I know we'll get the inevitable question about how Mama and Daddy met.  ​

Kids, here's our story.  

Hello Future Wife​

​When I saw Randa for the first time in 2008 she was over 2800 miles away.  

I was living in Vancouver and she was in North Carolina, and it just so happened the dating website we were both signed up on showed people who were currently online.  

Hold on a second....dating website???

That's right, kids...I met your Mama online, on the internet, in 2008 when that sort of thing was still sort of brand new and kinda scary.  Your parents are true trailblazers!

Your Mama was gorgeous.  She still is.  I'm definitely the luckiest guy in the world!

I was hesitant to contact her because I was sure her inbox was full of messages from guys like me but I went for it anyways, I had to take a chance on this North Carolina Dixie Chick.  

(P.S....for the first little while I called your Mama Dixie Chick...that was her nickname because she was from the South and one of her favorite bands has always been the Dixie Chicks)

A simple hello might have worked but I thought that would just get lost in the masses so I had to be more original, I had to stand out...​hmmm, how could I introduce myself?  

I've got it!  ​I mustered up the courage and sent her this message...

Hello.  Today I accidentally drove to work with my left turn single on the whole way.  That was awesome.  How was your day?

Today I accidentally drove to work with my left turn single on the whole way. That was awesome. How was your day?

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Within minutes she responded with an LOL.  

Hello future wife.  

Now whenever I see someone driving down the Interstate with their turn signal on, I don't automatically assume they're an elderly person going around the world left.  

Instead I chuckle to myself that it might be their lucky to meet their future wife or husband.  

Booking a Flight

Randa and I hit it off right from the very beginning.  It was destiny that we were brought together that fateful night in May of 2008.  

We spent the next weeks and months messaging, texting, talking on the phone and getting to know each other the best we could while living in separate countries.  

Looking back, it's hard to believe we managed to make our relationship work with the distance and border between us.  

Technology is a great thing and we easily stayed connected but there many miles and a border to cross.  

Yes the US/Canada border is a friendly one and if this long distance relationship was going to be a long term thing the reality of how to make it work hadn't crossed our minds yet.  We were just living in the moment and getting to know each other more and more everyday.  

A few months into our relationship we knew we would have to meet in person to find out if what we were experiencing from 2800 miles apart would translate face to face.  

So i booked a flight to spend the weekend with your Mama three months after meeting her in August of 2008. 

Welcome to North Carolina

future wife

a box full of memories

This Christmas gift box may not look like much on the outside but on the inside it's full of riches.  

I started this memory box soon after meeting Randa for the first time because I knew she was the one.  ​

This box has movie ticket stubs, handwritten notes from each other, cards, pregnancy test results and Randa's garter belt from our wedding.  It's got boarding passes from all the flights we took to see each other, the ring I wore on my left hand before we got married and one other special thing I'm so glad I kept...

It's got the receipt from the day I met your Mother for the first time.  

She picked me up at the airport and we drove to an outdoor cafe and had a beer together.  I don't remember what kind of beer she had but I remember I ordered a Labatt Blue because I was amazed that way down in North Carolina I could get a Canadian beer and it said imported on the label.  That was just so funny to me.  

future wife

Daddy sure was cheap!

I'm glad she didn't see the tip I left the waiter.  Sorry, Gareth...I must have gotten my tip calculations wrong because I was exceptionally nervous while sitting across the table from my future wife.  ​

Later that Friday night we went to see the drum circle in downtown Asheville. Wow.  Randa tried to explain the drum circle to me over the phone but I couldn't imagine what it was exactly.  A bunch of people in a big circle playing drums?  OK, let's try it I guess.  

​It was awesome!

It was like she described, an eclectic group of local people and tourists sit outside in a circle in a pretty section of downtown and play drums, bongos or anything else they can make music with.  One drummer even unpacked an entire 5 piece drum kit and set it up in the middle of the drum circle and played!  

I was mezmerized by the whole scene, and amongst all the bongo playing and dancing, we got someone to take our very first picture together, a picture that still hangs in our entryway.  

future wife

our very first picture together

Every year at around this time I ask Randa when the drum circle starts again?  I think they do it year round now but nothing beats the drum circle on a warm Friday night in the spring or summer.  

Things went full circle - so to speak- when we brought Sydney to the drum circle six years later.  She danced and danced and loved it as much as we did! And this year we're looking forward to bringing Trey so he can dance and drum, too.  

I may not look very happy in this picture but it's because I'm concentrating on the beat ​while banging your toy drum.

But your Mama looks gorgeous...the same way she did when I saw my future wife for the first time.   

future wife

Sydney's first trip to the drum circle


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