The Time We said Goodbye to Leroy the Cat

To Sydney and Trey...most of the posts on this blog are for you guys to read later on in life.  It's been one of my favorite things to do for the two of you, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff. 

You might not enjoy reading this post tho because it'll probably bring back some sad memories of the day we had to say goodbye to Leroy.  

Your Mama and I discussed how to handle breaking the news to you guys, ultimately we decided on being honest with you because life can be difficult sometimes and our job is to help you through the tough times. We decided to show you our grief and compassion because that's how we were feeling too, we tried to be role models for both of you today.  Saying goodbye to Leroy was hard for all of us.  

Leroy started getting sick a couple months ago, he developed a tumor on his chest and it kept growing and growing, and he wasn't eating as much and he was noticeably losing weight.  We knew he wasn't going to get better and the signs that he was getting worse were more obvious everyday.  We decided to end his suffering today. 

Sydney, you were so sweet.  After I explained how sick Leroy was and how worried we were about leaving him alone all week while we're gone, you suggested we take him to Disney with us.  That gave me the biggest lump in my throat.  You cried after I told you Leroy is going to the vet today and not coming home because he's very sick.  

Trey, you were a precious boy too when you asked if we would see Leroy again one day when we all died?  I told you that just might happen.  

Then I moved over to the couch to give Sydney a hug.  And then Trey came over too.  And while the three of us were hugging, Leroy hopped up on the couch and sat on all of our laps one last time.  

I asked you if you wanted to say a special goodbye to Leroy?  You both said no but you did take pictures of him with your iPads.  

We'll miss you Leroy.  You were 14 yrs old and you were one of the most loving cats I've had the pleasure of knowing.  And you were ferocious too! I can guarantee the rabbit population in our neighborhood is resting easy tonight.  

We hope you are too.  

Goodbye, Leroy.  


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