The Time Sydney Said She’s In Love

Last week Sydney started kindergarten, this week she said she's in love.  

Sounds about right.  

Yesterday she got in the van after school and told Randa she's in love with Hunter, a blonde-haired boy in her class.  I haven't met him yet but I'm planning on calling his parents this week to find out his intentions.  

I feel like he's moving way too fast, how did he get Sydney to fall in love with him after only eight days?  I don't trust him already.  

Last night at supper I asked her how she knows she's in love with him?  She said because they blow kisses to each other and she gives him hugs.  

When she got home from school today I asked her who she was in love with now? It's still Hunter.  

Today they played ninjas on the playground and he sat behind her during computer lab.  And then in the bath tonight Sydney asked when Hunter can come to our house?

It's Hunter this, Hunter that, everything is Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.  

I wish I was like King Triton so I could summon Sebastian the crab to keep an eye on her all day.  


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