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Yesterday was our best day!

Yesterday was the best day for our new family business

We've been working hard getting our business off the ground over the past five months, waking up early and sometimes working really late.  It's totally been a labor of love.  

The kids have crates  named after ​them​​​, and they seem pretty excited about that but there's always that question if they really understand why Daddy is working so hard building all the time.  

I think yesterday brought some brand new understanding for them.  

We were out and about in Asheville so we decided to stop at one of the  retail stores carrying our product to buy Mama a new shirt.  I told the kids the store we're going to has some of our crates, but they were more looking forward to going to the ice cream shop I promised we'd go to.  

Once we got inside the store both kids ran towards some of the crates they recognized. And then they ran to another part of the store displaying more crates, and then another! Trey was so excited he wanted to buy one of our crates!

We all shook hands with the owner of the shop and thanked him for carrying our crates, then we bought Mama a nice new shirt.  

Before we left the kids sat down and I snapped a picture.  Their enthusiasm was totally genuine.  

I think they both developed a new appreciation for our family business.  I hope one day they'll look back at this picture and remember the time they saw their crates in a retail store for the first time.  

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